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We take care to minimise disruption and damage when removing paint, thermoplastic and rubber from roads, car parks and airport runways.

Using the most advanced methods and equipment, we keep fumes, smoke and noise to an absolute minimum, leaving surfaces clean and ready for resurfacing and marking.


Trackjet XL: The Most Advanced Rubber & Line Removal System in the World


In 2020, we announced delivery of the most technologically advanced  runway rubber and line removal machine in the world: The Trackjet XL system.

Trackjet XL allows Roadgrip’s experienced operators to control the pressure, speed and rotation of the jetting head to maximise rubber removal performance without causing surface deterioration.

Uniquely, the system can also be used for line removal, thanks to the interchangeable front-end mechanism. This allows highly effective and flexible paint marking removal options operated from within the cab, which saves further time, as opposed to using a second man and remote operation, which is required with less advanced systems.

Gentle but effective removal methods

  • Trackjet XL – advanced, fast, gentle and effective rubber and line removal system
  • Hydro blasting – Ultra high pressure water
  • Mechanical – Abrasive
  • Thermic Lance – Hot compressed air
  • Captive shot blasting – recyclable steel shot
  • Fast response and around the clock work, in all conditions
  • Trusted by airports, race tracks and local authorities nationwide

Market Leaders in Runway Rubber removal


Working with the most up to date high-pressure water systems, Roadgrip is able to remove rubber deposits to the highest level of cleaning without wearing or polishing the asphalt, tarmac or concrete pavement. Our Trackjet and Hydro Blast fleets have been operating nationwide and globally for several years, and can mobilise quickly around the world.

The world’s airports and highways trust us, and our market-leading system, to deliver the most reliable results.  Call us and see the difference yourself.