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We work with hotels, leisure complexes, shops and golf courses throughout the world to enhance their internal and external surfaces with decorative finishes.

Using resin paving and imprinted effects, we improve the look and safety of entrances and lobbies, pool decks, outside entertainment areas, driveways, pathways, tree pits and more.

  • Specialists in resin-bonded and resin-bound finishes
  • Beautiful and seamless finish
  • Hardwearing, low maintenance finishes
  • Easy to clean and safe
  • Internal and external finishing
  • Trusted by hotels and leisure worldwide

Terrazo resin is used on internal surfaces for its beautiful and seamless finish. It looks exactly like marble but because it isn’t porous or as soft as real marble; it is low maintenance and much less susceptible to damage.

Externally, we apply a resin-bonded finish using an epoxy glue for extra longevity on surfaces that receive regular traffic from guests, golf carts or cars. By adding in various aggregates and stones to the glue, such as quartz stone, or by using imprinted paving, we can achieve stunning finishes for a cleanable, safe and luxurious looking finish.

We apply resin-bound finishes to tree pits due to its hygroscopic properties. This decorative material is being used increasingly in urban regeneration projects to enhance to the look of a manmade landscape where plants and greenery are reintroduced.
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