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Circuit Painting & Track Cleaning


Silverstone signed a 17 year deal from 2010 for F1 and a 5 year deal for MotoGP coupled with the FIA GT race and a number of other events. This kept the Roadgrip Motorsports team busy for the summer months as we undertook preparations of the circuit and event areas – which we’ve continued to do for Silverstone year on year.

The typical British summers bring with them a variety of weather conditions, which always makes delivery challenging for the team when they work on painting new pavement markings or refreshing existing ones to the race circuit, grid, pit lanes, grandstands, car parks and integrated road network within the entire site.

We also provide assistance on the painting of walls and Armco barrier in accordance with current sponsorship colours. Roadgrip also provides TrackJet (hydrostripping) circuit cleaning to deep cleanse the asphalt post construction and remove redundant markings from old sponsorship to allow reconfigurations to the track layout.

We are the selected markings/coatings contractor for the British F1 Grand Prix, applying a range of products to the site in preparation for the races. The works were programmed to fit within an active schedule in between race days and various other functions. The successful delivery of this contract was based upon flexibility and our ability to react to available windows provided by our client.

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