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Track Marking and Surface Preparation

Roadgrip is proud to have been the selected and approved contractor for all circuit markings and Trackjet surface preparation for the Singapore F1 GP Street Circuit for the past 4 years.

The success of this scheme relies upon good planning…

Each year we are given a time-critical programme, which is governed by the Land Transport Authority road closures. We have just one week to complete the Trackjet cleaning process prior to race weekend.

We treat sections of newly laid asphalt which have low friction in the wet (forced ageing process), and treat old asphalt sections of the circuit which are dirty and dusty, making sure we rid them of oils. Our motorsport team also work to achieve even grip levels across the entire, impressive street circuit layout.

The Trackjet system has proven a great success in Singapore but relies on our specialist crew operating 24-hour-a-day windows with regular maintenance being undertaken throughout.

Roadgrip is also contracted to undertake all FIA track safety markings and run off branding / run off designs. The track markings are again programme critical and rely on available road closures, whilst the run off painting must be timed correctly with everything needing to look ‘fresh’ for television impact on race weekend.

Weather is always an issue in Singapore with the constant risk of rainfall. We overcome this through good planning and trying to keep one step ahead of the game at all times!

If you’d like to learn more about our track services, please visit our Motorsports page.