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Roadgrip specialises in the application of fuel resistant surfacing and Rhinophalt asphalt protection for roads and airport runways.

Our high-grade, durable surface treatments not only improve safety and surface friction but also extend the life of concrete and asphalt substantially.

  • Highly durable and safe
  • Extends the life of surfaces
  • Fuel resistant protection
  • Environmentally and financially beneficial
  • Fast response throughout the UK
  • Night application to minimize road closures and disruption
  • Trusted by airfields, roads and motorsports tracks globally

Rhinophalt Protection – Fast, low cost, environmental road protection

Rhinophalt will extend the life of an asphalt surface when applied at the right point within the asphalt lifecycle.  It will then prevent potholes, cracking, raveling and stone loss from highways and roads, preserving the asphalt surface and protecting it from UV light oxidation.  It makes a dramatic difference financially and environmentally, reducing the need for maintenance and repair whilst saving on materials significantly.

Low cost, fast and long lasting

We can improve existing surfaces or work alongside construction companies to create new, fuel resistant surfaces. Contact us for a competitive quote today.