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Concrete Longitudinal Diamond Grinding

The Future of Concrete Pavement Restoration


Longitudinal Diamond Grinding (LDG) improves the friction and noise characteristics of aged but structurally sound concrete pavements cost-effectively, negating the need for expensive remedial work or replacement.

The longitudinal grooving method differs to conventional transverse grooving in that it removes a thin layer from the entire surface, which exposes fresh aggregate resulting in several measurable improvements to the concrete’s surface safety and longevity.

LDG has now been extensively tested on major highways in the USA and UK and has been shown to offer many advantages over asphalt overlays:

  • Skid resistance and braking distance are improved at low and high speeds on LDG grooved concrete.
  • LDG has excellent acoustic properties, which results in quieter pass-by traffic noise for neighbouring residents
  • Treatment is localised to specific areas of concrete which avoids disruption and additional costs.
  • With LDG, there is no damage to pavement joints or sealant
  • The process uses no consumables (other than water and the diamond blades used for grooving), which makes it a better environmental and more sustainable choice.
  • The system comes with a highly effective residue vacuum system, which leaves the surface clean and clear, ready to use.


Why Choose Roadgrip for Concrete Pavement Grinding?


  • As the UK’s only member of the International Grooving and Grinding Association (IGGA), Roadgrip works alongside global partners to help highways agencies, local authorities and main contractors improve Britain’s roads and infrastructure for the future.
  • Roadgrip is the UK’s leading LDG contractor. We have a fleet of machinery including the new Highway Bump Grinder, and have been delivering highway maintenance and pavement surfacing solutions cost effectively and professionally for over 25 years.


If you would like to know more about longitudinal grooving or need expert advice on concrete preservation and restoration through diamond grinding, please contact us for a free information sheet, which includes further data on UK trials.



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