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Roadgrip LATAM has been busy conducting friction testing, rubber removal and runway painting on both runways at Tocumen International Airport in the capital city of Panama. We have been working with the airport for the past three years in and in this circumstance, Roadgrip received special NOTAM dispensation at our UK head office 5000km away, allowing our team to work on the airport for critical works during lockdown.

Even during unprecedented times like the one we are experiencing globally with Covid-19, Roadgrip is always committed to supporting its customers safely and efficiently. We know how important it is to ensure the safety of surfaces for the future and we have the infrastructure in place to carry out works to current Government guidelines.

Being a major hub for the region, it is very unusual to be working on runway maintenance during the day. Normally, we would be working in short windows throughout the night to minimise disruption to air traffic. Currently, we can take advantage of the quiet time and good light to conduct essential works to the runway quickly.

We begin by carrying out friction surveys every 15 days using Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CFME). This allows us to measure the friction quality on the runways which, in turn, determines the frequency of intervention with rubber removal. When the numbers indicate that the friction is below the recommended limits specified in the airports usual safety compliance standards, we carry out the rubber removal using an ultra-high-pressure (UHP) jetting and vacuum system that recovers the rubber arisings as it goes.

We have also been painting the runway to TTP1952 specifications. This spec relates to the application of low VOC (volatile organic compounds) using 100% acrylic waterborne paint for traffic-bearing airfields. Using high-performance Type 3 (Type III) airport glass beads, the paint application is highly reflective for improved night-time visibility of the runway markings.

To find out more about our runway maintenance services, please visit Roadgrip Airports to learn more about our runway painting, rubber removal, runway grooving, AGL and friction testing. Alternatively, contact us for a quick quote.