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Hydroblasting Runway Road Markings


Runway markings can naturally become dulled over time from rubber, oil and dirt on a busy runway.  It doesn’t always make cost-effective or environmental sense to repaint the markings, especially when water blasting can clean the runway and bring the road markings back to life.

As you can see from the video below, the Roadgrip team recently visited Tocumen International Airport in Panama to do just that.  We used our hydroblasting UHP machine to remove the mould that had built up on the yellow line markings.

Whilst this same machine can be used to remove rubber and lines from roads and runways, the pressure can be reduced to a level that preserves the paint and reflective properties whilst removing the top layer of dirt.

At 9000 psi, you can see that the water-blasting brings the line markings up to their original brightness, thereby saving time, money and ecological impact on the airfield.

Roadgrip provide airfield maintenance services to airports throughout the world to remove rubber, test friction, preserve asphalt, seal joints, install airfield ground lighting (AGL) and apply runway markings.  Please visit our Runway Maintenance division to learn more about our work.