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As part of an ongoing maintenance programme Roadgrip is involved in with the airports in Cuba, our team worked on the rubber removal and friction testing at La Habana and Varadero.

To keep the runway open and operational while we worked, the threshold was displaced allowing us to complete the works in a live environment to minimise airport disruption. The displaced threshold means that aircraft can no longer land on that part of the runway, which ensures a safer glide path. As you can see from the images and video below, the plane is flying above the team while they worked.

We used our fleet of machines to remove 21,400 square meters of rubber from the runway at La Habana and 14,6000 square meters from the runway at Varadero.

Friction testing is a necessary part of safety improvement on airfield maintenance works so after we removed the rubber from the runways, we used state of the art Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CFME) to evaluate the positive impact of our service.

By assessing the friction characteristics of the runway surface, the airport can meet international safety requirements and make adjustments to future maintenance planning and operations.

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