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F1 Track Marking and Circuit Cleaning

Roadgrip are proud to have delivered all race track painting, race track cleaning and retexturing for the Singapore F1 GP in September 2014.

A restricted programme coupled with challenging weather and pedestrians plentiful made this project particularly challenging!

The Roadgrip team were on site for three weeks, delivering run off branding designs in line with the new ‘Singapore Airlines’ sponsor; giving turns 1,2,3 and 23 a whole new look and feel.

Systematic road closures allowed our team to undertake all FIA track markings and asphalt deep cleaning throughout the streets of Singapore.

TrackJet cleaning commenced one week before the race. All new asphalt areas were treated to increase grip and all dirty surfaces cleaned accordingly through the use of the ultra high pressure water system. TrackJet cleans and retextures the race track and through doing so evens grip levels and acts a method of ‘forced greening’ of the circuit.

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