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You may remember back in December 2013, the global team began Roadgrip’s first ever road resurfacing and line painting job in Jamaica on the Highways 2000 Toll Road Concession Project.

The guys have been incredibly busy over the past three months and have just finished applying the Rhinophalt.

All 30000 square meters of Rhinophalt have now been applied to the highway, which will make a big difference to the longevity of the surface in years to come. It’s the first time Rhinophalt has been used in Jamaica and we expect to see this asphalt preservation technique used a great deal more throughout the country in the future due to its durability and long-term cost benefits.

The next stage is to apply the 130000 linear metres of thermoplastic white lines to the highway. In the meantime, after a very busy and successful week, we’re going to enjoy a little piece of paradise.

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