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Track Design & Circuit Branding

In February 2009, Roadgrip were tasked with applying the unique branding that has become synonymous with Motorsport in Bahrain for the 2009 Gulf Air F1 GP. The intricate Arabesque patterns and National Branding were an engineering challenge, but the finished product was commented on across the motorsports community. The works were successfully completed and demonstrated what can be achieved when imagination, engineering and hard work are combined.

The team returned in February 2010 to refresh the 2009 designs, and add further run-off designs produced by local artists. These helped enhance the new endurance section for the 2010 race, and included the eye catching green and blue triangles in the centre of the venue.

In 2011, a new design was added, but the unfortunate cancelling of the event means that this will not be unveiled until 2012.

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