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Airfield Refurbishment


Roadgrip have overcome many challenges in the past few years working in some of the more remote parts of the world. What better idea then, in the late summer of 2010 as the warm weather was beginning to ebb in the UK, to pack up and head into the depths of an Antarctic late winter?

Roadgrip secured a subcontract package on Project Shackleton, the first major resurfacing and refurbishment of Mount Pleasant Airfield in the Falkland Islands since its construction in 1985 shortly after the Falkland Conflict.

A multi skilled team was assembled and tasked with a £1.8m package of specialist treatment works including runway grooving, concrete repair, joint sealing, resin surfacing and pavement marking works. Such a package would be no mean feat in the UK but carrying out the works 8000 miles away from main suppliers introduced many challenges. Plant and materials were mobilized two months prior to the start of the contract and shipped by military supply freighter from Southampton, UK. Personnel came via an 18 hour flight from RAF Brize Norton via Ascension Island.

The works, completed in Spring 2011, represents one of the most challenging, multi skilled contracts ever undertaken by Roadgrip and is also the first project we did with penguins present!

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