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Waterproofing, Line Marking & Deck Coatings


Our work at various community Co-op stores over recent months showcases just how much can be done to improve the condition, durability, safety and aesthetic of retail car parks.

Across three locations, we’ve waterproofed, coated and marked external car parks in every weather. In Porthcawl, South Wales, for example, the Roadgrip team applied deck coatings, concrete screed and waterproofing in winter rain and frost, whilst in Hastings, we battled 35 degrees in the height of summer.

Applying car park markings and coatings in UK weather


Each weather-front brings its own challenges but nothing our car park teams can’t handle. We plan the application of lining paint and resins in advance, taking into consideration the humidity, surface moisture content, airflow, temperature and drying times. And, for those times when a change in weather is unexpected, we have the experience and equipment to navigate any issues that could arise.

Transporting equipment overseas


When we worked on the car park refurbishment for a Co-op on the Isle of Wight, we were treated to temperate weather conditions, but we still had to deal with the logistics of transporting our equipment from the mainland – something we regularly manage for projects throughout the world.

Despite the sometimes-unexpected conditions, it’s always a pleasure to support Co-op. These small retail outlets provide an important social hub for the local community and offer a great convenience for the elderly and those that can’t travel to bigger supermarkets easily.


If you would like to know more about car park waterproofing, deck coating, line marking and surface preparation, please take a look at Roadgrip Car Parks or browse our recent projects.


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