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To improve airfield safety, the global airport team at Roadgrip have just completed runway grooving works at Cancun International Airport to FAA specifications. As Mexico’s second busiest airport (after Mexico City International), it is imperative that the runway is maintained to excellent standards.


With a fleet of grooving machines and Roadgrip partners throughout the world, we are able to quickly transport our equipment and expertise to any international airport around the world – even under these conditions!


For this job, we partnered our subsidiary company, Roadgrip Mexico. Together, the expert team grooved 109200 m2 of asphalt on the airport’s main runway. By creating 6mm x 6mm grooves in the surface at 38mm centres (to FAA grooving specs), we achieved the required level of surface water drainage.


By improving the water dissipation, the runway becomes significantly safer for landing aircraft as it reduces the risk of tyres hydroplaning (aquaplaning). It also lessens the impact of rubber deposits on the runway, which can also lead to skidding.


Because airfield grooving is so effective in improving friction on the runway, it also improves handling and control for the pilots.


We’d like to thank the entire team for producing a high-quality grooving job, which was testament to the careful planning and project management – all whilst adhering to Covid guidelines with regular testing.


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