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6 Things to Look for When Shortlisting Carpark Marking Companies


A quick search in Google for car park marking companies in 2019 delivers about 35 million results. From large road marking companies to smaller car park marking contractors, it can be difficult to know which suppliers offer the best value.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are 6 ways to shortlist partners for your next car park refurbishment project:


  1. Quality

Quality of workmanship, products and machinery are key when choosing a car park marking company. The final result of the lines in your retail park set the tone of your establishment – and your supplier should appreciate that their work is an extension of your brand.  From the clarity of the lines to the depth of colour, coverage and application, you’ll be able to spot a good line marking specialist by the quality of their previous work.

  1. Expertise

Car park marking is either applied by hand or machine. Either way, you need the peace of mind that your line marking company knows what they’re doing – and that they choose the right tools for the job.  Ask them about the treatments they use and recommend, and why.  Are they choosing paints and resins for their waterproofing, anti-skid, high visibility, quick drying, aesthetic or durability characteristics?  There are specific car park flooring and painting materials that are suitable for different finishes, environments, levels of traffic and budgets – and they should be able to explain the benefits of each of these to you clearly.

  1. Speed

Fast mobility and disruption are major considerations when choosing a car park marking contractor.  How quickly can they start and complete the job, and can they work around your working hours and customers?  Whilst local road marking companies are well placed to work around the clock out of business hours, nationwide companies often have the extra capacity to mobilise fast and complete your project quickly with extra manpower.  Make sure they can meet your timeline to prevent any project hold-ups.

  1. Stability

For larger car park builds or refurbishment projects, it pays to check if your line marking company is stable and financially secure.  You don’t want any problems half-way through the job from a company going bust or unable to complete works because of their own financial issues.  The more established companies often have a more loyal and reliable workforce too, who understand the quality levels in a company and work to set standards.

  1. Innovation

Whilst innovation may not immediately spring to mind, it’s an important point to consider in today’s car park marking.  Your contractor should be aware of any new materials, methods of application and developments in the industry so they can advise you on best practice and the latest industry standards.  From eco-friendly options to current requirements in way-finding, bay marking and signage, your car park marking company should ensure your car park meets the recommended guidelines.

  1. Price

Despite what many think in the initial stages of selecting a supplier, price is rarely the final deciding factor in the process.  Good value is considered much more important than a single cost.  That said, you should start with a budget in mind and find out quickly from your line marking company what they can achieve for that sum.  The cheapest is rarely the smartest choice – especially if they can’t meet the points above, but the most expensive doesn’t always equate to the finest workmanship either.


When choosing a car park painting contractor, they should be able to comfortably answer any questions you have regarding all of the points above.  Don’t be tempted to focus on price and turnaround only or you could get stung.

Use these points as a useful checklist for choosing your next supplier and you should achieve the outcome you want, in the time you want, with added peace of mind that you won’t need to spend out more in the future on rectifications.


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