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With the latest advances in car park coatings, retail outlets are seeing many benefits from using polyurethane flooring in their multi-storey and basement parking areas.  Whilst we use epoxy too, the two coatings deliver different advantages.


What is polyurethane flooring?


Polyurethane flooring is a flexible, resin-based compound that has excellent scratch resistance and durability.


In fact, it’s these properties that make it so ideal and popular for car parks, but there are additional benefits that come from using polyurethane in flooring.


10 reasons why polyurethane flooring is ideal for car parks:


  1. It protects the surface underneath the polyurethane and extends the life of the car park’s structure and fabric
  2. It protects your car park from dirt and chemicals.
  3. It’s easy to clean
  4. It absorbs sound, which reduces the noise made from tyres in the car park
  5. It has excellent fire ratings
  6. It dries faster than other coatings, speeding up car park refurbishment projects
  7. It looks exceptional, with a clean, scratch-free, smooth appearance
  8. It reflects light, which adds to car park visibility and safety
  9. It performs well under differing temperatures and weathers, and offers excellent waterproofing properties
  10. It has superior UV properties, which reduces the fading and yellowing of paint from sunlight.



With sound, safety, longevity and appearance featuring high in the many advantages that come from polyurethane flooring, it’s no surprise that many of the UK’s supermarkets, shopping malls, businesses and event venues are refurbishing their car parking areas with the same coating.


As a car park marking and flooring contractor, we also appreciate the ease of application and quick-curing time of polyurethane.  It allows our car park team to complete projects quickly, with a beautifully flawless finish too.


Take a look at our latest car park flooring projects and videos to see the Roadgrip Car Parks team at work, or contact us for a quick quote or chat regarding your refurbishment project.