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The FIA Formula E World Championship hit Jakarta Indonesia for its continuing 2022 series, and Roadgrip Motorport were there in the build-up to the event and throughout the race weekend to deliver the track painting. We applied all ground advertising, branding and sponsorship, look and feel, and sporting lines to track and run-off surfaces and track walls.

The Roadgrip team also assisted track operations with circuit cleaning using a combination of methods including FOD BOSS mats, which use static to remove any loose debris such as screws or paint flakes from the surface. This helps to improve safety and grip for the racing drivers.

We need to respond quickly for this job and Roadgrip’s subsidiary, RMI (Roadgrip Motorsport Indonesia), deployed its Lombok-based team and equipment to Jakarta to assist in the delivery of the ePrix circuit markings and cleaning of this 18-corner circuit. Well done to all those involved for another great achievement by the Roadgrip group.

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