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Roadgrip Motorsports have continued to support the exciting new global electric scooter racing series, eSkootr, for the 2022 event calendar. This time, the team were in Sion, Switzerland, applying the ground advertising and track markings to the temporary circuit for round two.

The Swiss city is the perfect choice for this carbon-neutral competition, as they have been championing electric mobility and a more sustainable society for some time.

With the race attracting thousands of venue spectators and a global audience on TV and online, it was down to us to make the circuit graphics pop! As specialists in surface branding and ground advertising, this was all in a day’s work for our painting team who used a combination of precision hand-application techniques and equipment to create outstanding surface visuals around the track.

To improve safety for the 30 eSC riders, we used anti slip paint for grip predictability around the 18-turn course that weaves through this pretty Swiss Alps location.

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