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Track Marking for F1

This is our fifth year of preparing the race track for F1 in Mexico City with high friction markings.  You can see our previous work here: Mexico F1 Track Marking

The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez track runs for 4.304 km (2.674 mi) at an elevation of  2,238 m (7,342 ft), which can make the air thin for drivers, spectators and our Roadgrip team. It does impact our physical work but, after working on the track for so many years, we are better prepared to deal with the air quality.

This year, we applied anti-slip, high friction paint to the track edge lines, grid, pit lane, run-off and kerbs.

Our team of three moved out equipment from our permanent base in Cancun, which is where Roadgrip Mexico are situated.

Within three weeks, the track was finished and ready for the F1 Grand Prix.  The stunning markings looked sharp and bright for the drivers, audience and TV cameras who were showing the event to people all over the world.

Why use high friction paint?

Anti-skid road markings on race circuits are essential for driver safety in motorsport racing events.  The high friction paint reduces wheel slip and skid hazard in hot cold and wet weather.  It increases adhesive fraction between the tyres and the road surface, which helps the car to stick to the track, specially when driving round sharp bends and turns.  Find out more about our friction testing services here.

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