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Saw Cutting and Cold Joint Sealing Application

Roadgrip were contracted to work on the new hangar at Gatwick airport alongside building contractors, SISK.  Our team were in charge of the concrete cutting and joint sealing.

Why do concrete cutting?

With new concrete surfaces, it is important that cracking is controlled as it shrinks and expands.  Correct timing is critical, which is why the Roadgrip experts were brought into manage the job.

By saw-cutting at predetermined points in the concrete at the optimum time after the concrete has strengthened (but before any internal cracks have begun), these controlled cuts relieve the stress as it dries.

As you can see from the video below, we also applied cold sealant to repair and seal the expansion joints in the concrete.  Our team applied joint sealing to over 5000 meters of concrete to the apron of the new Boeing hangar.  The joint sealing minimises surface water infiltrating the concrete, which in turn reduces erosion and preserves the surface.

When the surface was dry, we carried out line marking and painting to the apron area of the airfield.

If you would like to learn more about how our joint sealing and saw cutting contractors work at Roadgrip, watch this video at Felixstowe or take look at our concrete repair services.  Please contact us for further information and a quick quote of your job.