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Roadgrip Airports have removed rubber from the runway and tested the friction for safety at Abeid Amani Karume International Airport in Zanzibar, Africa.

As the main airport in the archipelago, the runway hosts flights to and from East Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Safety is therefore paramount.

Rubber had built up from the aircraft’s tyres which was affecting grip on the runway. Our team began by testing the friction prior to the removal to determine the quantity of rubber to be removed.

Using our Trackjet vehicle with ultra-high-pressure water jets, we then removed 18500m sq of rubber. The team needed to work around the busy airside operations and we worked closely with ATC and ZAA Ops to identify the short nighttime windows when we could remove the rubber. Learn more about the benefits of Trackjet here: Trackjet

Once the rubber was removed, we completed another friction test to ensure safety levels had been achieved.

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