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Roadgrip Motorsport has returned to the Jakarta International Circuit to apply the branding and sporting lines to the track for the Formula e 2023 event.

Unlike the street circuit we completed for the Berlin Formula e race, this event takes place on a permanent track which was built specifically for the Indonesian e-prix.

As a global company, we always aim to employ local talent around the world, as we did for this project. The local labour worked alongside our skilled team to apply racing lines, run-off branded areas and fresh edge lines to the circuit in FIA homologated, anti-slip paint.

Using stencils, we also painted the circuit walls with advertising and sponsorship branding. This was a more durable alternative to vinyl applications in a motorsport setting.

The track needed some minor repairs before the race so our team sourced local materials and repaired any damaged asphalt around the circuit.

As always, our team and UK head office worked closely to ensure global logistics and movement of equipment and paint went smoothly between countries.

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