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The global Roadgrip Airports team have returned for the third time to Rwanda’s primary airport, Kigali International, in Africa to remove the rubber from the runway.

Using our ultra-high-pressure machinery, we removed 20,000m2 of rubber from Kigali’s runway to improve grip and safety for landing aircraft. The water pressure safely removes all rubber and FOD from the runway without damaging the surface underneath. It’s effective, fast and environmental friendly, using a vacuum to remove the arisings and leave the runway clear of debris and ready for operation.

As we were working airside, our team needed to navigate the air traffic schedule and work in tight windows to complete the job without disruption to flights.

Well done to the team for continuing to demonstrate their flexibility and Roadgrip’s excellence in global logistics. They travelled across the African continent, from Tanzania to Rwanda, transporting the equipment between countries and dealing with the consequent logistical requirements that come with that.

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