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Works are now complete on the new runway in Barbuda. Roadgrip  Airports have been working on this exciting project for two years to help build a new airport in the Caribbean from the ground up.

The island’s airport will bring air travel back to Barbuda after Hurricane Irma destroyed the site in 2017.

Together with our partners, Precision ATM, our team installed extensive AGLs along the 1860 Lin M runway, which included pits and ducts and electrical work for 60 runway edge lights, 12 turning pad lights, 39 elevated approach lights, 30 taxiway lights, 12 inset threshold lights and more.

We also installed 6 fully tested and approved Constant Current Regulators (CCRs) into the control centre building.

We look forward to seeing this airport bring back tourism to the beautiful islands of Barbuda.

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