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Barbuda, a small island in the Caribbean, now has the first runway at its new airport. Roadgrip has been onsite preparing the runway with airfield ground lighting (AGL) and runway marking ready for international air traffic.


Following Hurricane Irma in 2017, the island hasn’t had a working airport. We feel privileged to have been involved in helping to bring air travel to this beautiful location.


Trenching for AGLs


The first stage of the trenching project is now complete for the AGL on the runway.


With excavation works and backfill on the shoulder, our team installed the ducting manhole system for the AGLs and assisted with the civil engineering on site.


The normal method on a remote island like this is to create formwork in the ground with concrete blocks. However, for this project, we opted for a more environmental solution. The chambers we installed for the ducting are manufactured from recycled polymers which can be recycled at the end of use.


These chambers are produced in the UK and come in at 100mm heights, enabling us to build the blocks to the correct dimensions to meet strict airport standards. Their design also allows easy access for maintenance, which is important for runway safety.


Runway Marking


The first coat of runway markings has now been applied. We used FAA approved water-based acrylic paint for the application. Due to its low-profile, anti-slip properties, it is excellent for safety on runways and more eco-friendly than other line-marking paints.


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