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As a continuation of our work using longitudinal diamond grinding (LDG) to refurbish the UK’s concrete roads, we have completed repairs to the A12 in Colchester for Highways England and VolkerFitzpatrick.


LDG has been shown to achieve significant improvements in road noise, which was the reason for using it at this particular junction due to its close proximity to a caravan site.


Both of the slip-roads were ageing and in need of repair, and so the project entailed isolated full-depth concrete repairs, thin-bonded repairs (partial depth), joint and crack sealing, and retexturing and grinding of the surface to the southbound slip-road.


This was one of the first tranche of projects in the 2020/21 East of England concrete framework, and the third one we’ve carried out for Highways England following the success of the A12 trial.


This particular stretch of road differed to previous in that it was on a camber that curved around the bend with a 400m radius. Whilst that required an adapted approach to the LDG, we still achieved the desired finish.


Using our PC4504 LDG machine with a 4.5k gallon clean-water bowser and an 8k gallon waste tanker, we completed the works over four nights with complete road closure.


Noise assessments are currently being carried out and we will report the findings when the data has been collected.


If you would like to know more about the benefits of longitudinal diamond grinding on concrete roads and runways, contact us for a free factsheet or read: A Guide to LDG