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Roadgrip was called in to quickly implement social distancing measures in the welfare area of an active construction site at the new data centre in Slough.

Welfare facilities are a regulatory requirement on fixed and temporary building sites. Construction workers must be provided with adequate toilet and washing facilities, and a place to rest, eat and store belongings.

In this instance, due to the social distancing measures put in place by the Government during Covid-19, floor markings were needed to ensure workers maintained a 2m distance from each other when queuing for the canteen and toilets.

The client had initially put paint down themselves but the method they had used didn’t work, as the social distancing markers had flaked and faded.

Working to current working protocols, the Roadgrip team arrived on site in separate vehicles and maintained their own social distance throughout the job. We applied epoxy paint directly onto the concrete in red and green to clearly mark out spaces and positions for workers to adhere to for health and safety.


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