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The stairwell in the main thoroughfare of London’s largest shopping centre between Notting Hill and Shepherd’s Bush had become a health and safety risk due to the ageing anti-slip properties of the stairs. Normally, these stairs are in constant use but due to the current Coronavirus lockdown, the stairs were quiet enough to work on to quickly remedy the risk.

Roadgrip were called into apply an anti slip coating to the surface of the stairs. Adhering to strict Covid-19 working practices, we maintained the required social distancing and followed the hygiene protocol. The closure of the shopping centre meant that we could complete the job quickly without disruption.

To keep in line with the decor and design of the site, we ensured the improved floor coating was sharp, bright and aesthetically complementary to the surrounding area. The yellow paint also helps with visibility of the step edges in the dark for improved safety.

The anti-slip coating we use provides long-lasting slip resistance to pedestrian-heavy stairwells and walkways, and improves the friction of the surface even in wet weather.

If you would like to know more about our floor coatings, please contact us for a quick quote. If you require assistance during Covid-19, we will be happy to explain our working practices in accordance with Government guidance.