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Roadgrip Airports have returned to Keflavik Airport in Iceland to apply Rhinophalt asphalt preservation four years after completing the grooving of both runways in the summer of 2018. (c. 270,000 m2 of grooving).

On this occasion, our team applied approximately 140,000 m2 of asphalt preservation system to the busiest of Keflavik’s runway, the East West runway.

Rhinophalt can only be applied when the surface is dry so, whilst blessed with 23 hours or daylight a day, the team had to work with the unpredictable and predominantly damp Icelandic weather. As the images show, the clouds and rain come in fast. Look at the weather last time we were there: Runway Grooving in Keflavik

To further complicate operations, our team also had to navigate air traffic and worked closely with Keflavik’s airport operations team to ensure there were suitable gaps to allow for application and curing time – without disrupting schedules.

This was the first application of Rhinophalt at Keflavik airport to incorporate the friction additive, Rhinodust, in the application. Roadgrip’s equipment spray applies the liquid Rhinophalt and then broadcasts the Rhinodust aggregate at the same time. That equates to 70,000 litres of Rhinophalt and 35 tonnes of fine aggregate. Once cured, the surface immediately meets international slip resistance standards.

Although on site for several weeks, inclusive of set-up and machine calibration, the actual application was completed in just seven shifts – just not always concurrent ones thanks to ever-changing weather conditions.

The client was very happy with the finished result and so are we. Well done to the Roadgrip team.

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