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The Roadgrip Airports team have just returned from a successful airfield grooving trip where we were contracted to groove both runways at Iceland’s largest airport, Keflavik International.

Despite it being summer (and a hot one in particular, back home in the UK), Iceland’s weather wasn’t quite so balmy.  With heavy rainfall and chilly temperatures, the team were challenged but not beaten.

With two experienced teams operating the grooving machine in shifts, day and night, we were able to groove the airfield in much larger outputs, much faster, to deliver the finished job in time.  This also reduced disruption to the country’s major international hub.

Take a look at the pictures below.  As you can see, the rainfall sat on the runway before it was grooved. The grooving reduces the risk of hydroplaning (or aquaplaning) in wet weather and therefore improves safety for aircraft and travellers.

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