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Runway Rubber Removal and Rhinophalt Preservation


The Roadgrip Airports team were at Queen Beatrix International Airport in Aruba to carry out rubber removal and asphalt preservation.

During the first week, we removed 20000 sqm of rubber from the runway using ultra-high pressure water blasting and vacuum recovery to leave the airfield clean and prepared, ready for the Rhinophalt asphalt preservation treatment.

We then worked through the night to spray the runway with Rhinophalt material at 0.4 litres per sqm.  This was subsequently followed with the application of Rhinophalt dust.


Why use Rhinophalt?


Rhinophalt preservation helps to extend the serviceable life of asphalt runways and taxiways.  It prevents cracking and protects the surface from ageing caused by UV light oxidation.

By applying just one application of Rhinophalt, the pavement life of older asphalt surfaces last three to five years longer, and the residual life of the surface can be extended by up to 50%.

This not only minimises disruption due to the reduction in unplanned maintenance, it also saves significant costs.


Why add Rhinophalt dust?


The added benefit of adding Rhinophalt dust is that provides an instant increase in friction on the runway, which improves safety for landing aircraft. It also helps to abrade the Rhinophalt from the aggregate’s surface, which improves cohesion with the aggregate matrix, and therefore reduces FOD risk to aircraft.

As experts in Rhinophalt application, it took our airports team two nights to complete, as they worked during low/non-traffic hours to further minimise disruption.

As with all of our international projects, our expert global team utilise the skills of the local workforce to give back to the community when we work abroad.  Together, we completed the job on time and to budget.

If you would like to learn more about Rhinophalt asphalt preservation on runways and roads, please contact us or read more at Roadgrip Airports.