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Roadgrip Motorsport have returned to our neighbouring racing circuit at Silverstone to remove the build-up of paint on kerbs at the track.

Our Trackjet XL machine was the perfect choice for the job. This impressive machine is the most technologically advanced paint removal system of its kind currently in the world. The high-pressure water jets can be adjusted to either remove rubber or paint, or retexture the surface for improved friction and longevity.

For this project, we calibrated the pressure to remove a few years worth of paint from the kerbs to take it back to the concrete ready for repainting. The machine is powerful enough to remove all traces of paint from the track, but gentle enough that it doesn’t cause any deterioration of the concrete underneath.

The beauty of Trackjet XL is that it uses minimum manpower, which speeds up the process. It also uses less fuel and water, which makes it more eco-efficient than other traditional methods.

Watch the video of Trackjet in action:

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