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Roadgrip has been pioneering the longitudinal diamond grinding (LDG) approach to road preservation throughout the UK and recently completed works on the M20 for Highways England.

National Highways England have been keen to remedy the country’s ageing concrete roads with new methods that extend the longevity for longer than traditional, short-term techniques such as shot blasting.

As a result, they have invested in longitudinal grinding on the basis that it will last many years longer. It also brings with it a number of benefits including reduced tyre noise and improved friction on the road for drivers.


Extending the life of the UK’s roads


In late 2022, our UK Highways team began grinding the coast side of the M20 motorway. The project was split into three sections on the east bound road and three on the west bound. We focused on the areas that showed low SCRIM.

SCRIM is where a ‘Sideway-Force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine’ tests the wet skid resistance on surfaces. Our sister company, R3, who joined us on this project, are specialists in pavement testing and work closely with Ulster University to bring the latest research in surface testing to the wider industry.

After snow and cold weather stopped play in December, we resumed works in early 2023.

Unfortunately, our location clashed with an existing construction project taking place where the grinding was planned. However, with great cooperation between our client Tarmac and Balfour Beatty, we negotiated shared traffic management to suit all involved. Thank you to all for their flexibility.


Friction and road noise improvements


After grinding an area of 55000 sqm we have now completed this part of the M20. Initial onsite testing is already showing a 30% increase in friction levels which will last for many years.

Before starting the project, we carried out a CPX survey to measure tyre road noise before grinding. We will be conducting a new survey to measure improvements following the works in the coming weeks.

If you’re interested in knowing more about LDG, or would like to know how grinding achieves improvements in surface longevity, friction, safety and noise, please contact our team at Roadgrip.


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