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Back in 2015, Roadgrip Airports grooved the runway at Bolzano airport in the Italian Alps. It was the first runway in Italy to be grooved. Now, following a runway extension, our European team have returned to groove the additional surface.

The mountainous location of this regional airport means that it attracts challenging weather and wet ground. It is essential that the rainwater, snow and ice is managed and the runway maintained to ensure the safety of aircraft and passengers.

Airfield grooving offers the ideal solution as it improves surface water drainage and reduces the risk of hydroplaning. It works by cutting grooves into the asphalt or concrete in a transverse direction to the landing planes. This creates channels along the surface where the water can escape, leaving the surface effectively dry.

For this particular project, our team cut 6mm x 6mm grooves at 38mm centres on the 300m extension to a 45m wide runway, as the image below shows.

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