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Roadgrip has applied the track painting for the circuit design and ground advertising at the first eSkootr Championship in London. This inaugural event marks the first of a global series starting in 2022.

The 600-metre temporary track weaved its way in and out of Printworks in South London. This stunning industrial venue encompasses different surfaces so our team needed to consider which paints would work best from a visual and safety perspective.

We applied paint to all track markings including racing lines, edge lines, run-off areas, ground advertising and corner branding. We used anti-slip paint on the areas of the track where the concrete was old and smooth. These areas needed grip improvement for the safety of the riders.

After the race, we removed all the paint to return the venue to its original condition. Normally, we would use our large Trackjet machine but the age and style of this venue meant we needed to use a much smaller machine with special water blasting functionality. This allowed us to access the tighter areas and remove all surface markings gently but effectively.

If you would like to know more about our track marking, surface painting, ground advertising and line removal services, please contact the Roadgrip team.