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The countdown is on for MotoGP 2022 and the team at Roadgrip Motorsport Indonesia have been busy getting the track ready for the big race.


This week, the local crew in Mandalika, Lombok, have been continuing to prepare the circuit. The team has been saw cutting and levelling the track before cleaning and painting the run-off escape areas. The grandstand has also been constructed.


As you can see from the visual timeline below, our track teams have also been digging trenches to connect the time loops at various connections around the circuit. The system works by emitting a signal to transponders as the motor vehicles pass, providing accurate timekeeping for racing motorbikes and cars.


Check out the video:


If you’re interested in our work in Indonesia, you can find more great videos and images here:


Please contact the global Roadgrip Motorsports team to discuss your racing requirements. We can assist with full track operations and circuit build, as well as track painting, surface branding, run off design, race electronics, tyre walls and more.