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Roadgrip Motorsport are back at the Jeddah Corniche circuit for the F1 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix 2022. We’re proud to be involved in the track painting for the incredible new circuit designs.

This is the second time our team have been at the track. Last time, we painted the run-offs for the 2021 F1 GP for the penultimate race of the season. This time, Saudi are hosting the second race in the calendar with a new-look track.

With some track modifications in the layout and a brand new run-off design commissioned by local artist, Rex Chouk, audiences will be treated to a great visuals for the race. Our team of eight spent were there to bring those visuals to life. We spent three weeks on site painting all FIA safety markings, sporting lines, kerbs, pit-lane and grid, and installing the iconic new run-off area. Check out the gallery below to see the final look.

Our team were also engaged to carry out track cleaning and grip improvement to the circuit. We used a combination of Trackjet for the grip and deep cleaning of the asphalt. We used this state-of-the art machine to remove some conflicting paint markings from the 2021 race, which is strong enough to take away all paint without affecting the surface underneath.

Using a secondary high-volume/low-pressure machine (a BEEM sweeper), we carried out mass-coverage cleaning of the track and run-off areas.

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