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The global airports team at Roadgrip have returned to maintain Panama’s runways with rubber removal, friction testing and runway line marking.

Using one of our UHP water blasting units, we removed 18000m2 of rubber from the runway at Tocumen International airport. We then repainted the runway to TTP1952 FAA standards using Type 3 reflective beads for increased night time visibility. For such a major hub of the region, runway safety is paramount.

By using high-pressure water methods to remove the rubber (rather than chemicals), the concrete underneath the rubber is preserved, which helps to preserve the life of the runway. However, even with this highly effective but gentle approach, it is essential that the friction of the runway is measured prior to and following rubber removal.

Did you know that Roadgrip undertakes runway friction testing?

By undertaking two weekly friction tests on the runway surfaces in Panama (our local engineer uses specialist dynamic grip testing), we can determine when the grip levels are low due to rubber build-up. We can then undertake runway rubber removal intervention to improve/maintain safety in line with good practice and international requirements.

Roadgrip provide friction testing to airports around the world. Contact our friendly team for a quick and professional quote on runway rubber removal, line marking and airfield friction testing for your airport. Visit Roadgrip Airports to learn more.