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The Roadgrip Motorsport team have been back to Baku to prepare, paint and clean the street circuit for the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.


As you can see from the photos, much of the detailed painting work for the logos was applied by hand by our specialists. They hand-painted the start/finish line and the Azerbaijan logo. The images show the process of setting-out using a tape measure before paint application.


Before applying the sporting lines to the circuit, we used our ultra-high-pressure (UHP) water jet cleaning machine to prepare the surface before the race. The cleaning machine removes oil, dirt, debris and redundant line markings from the road without damaging the surface underneath. This leaves the surface cleaner and safer for drivers with improved friction and grip.


Because the race is on a temporary street circuit, careful planning is required to prepare the track in advance. Essentially, we need to apply the first coat of paint in live traffic in the middle of a busy city! To do that as safely and efficiently as possible, we use local traffic management to close down parts of the area two weeks before the event so we can work without disrupting city traffic. We then apply the first coat of paint to the edge lines using a water-based smooth acrylic paint. For accuracy, we use a Graco Linelazer machine.


Three days before the event, we apply a second coat of FIA homologated paint to the edge lines, curves, pit lane, grid, DRS lines and run off designs in the Azerbaijan flag colours.


We’re sure you’ll agree the final effect is striking against the city’s historic buildings.


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