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The Roadgrip Airports division have completed runway rehabilitation works at John A Osborne Airport, Montserrat in the Caribbean. Working over two visits between March and May, our team delivered airfield ground lighting (AGL), runway grooving, airfield markings and friction testing to the airport’s runway.

Before 2005, the island of Montserrat could only be accessed by helicopters, boats and seaplanes but now the airport serves commercial flights to and from the Caribbean.

Our team were there to upgrade the AGLs, with civil engineering and associated electrical works undertaken on both thresholds.

We then painted the runway and taxiway to TTP1952D FAA specification and grooved 15000m2 of runway to FAA specification 6mm x 6mm @ 38mm centres.

To ensure safety of aircraft on the runway, we conducted friction testing using a GripTester machine from our fleet. The GripTester, also known as Continuous Measuring Friction Equipment (CMFE), identifies areas that need cleaning or rubber removed, and shows whether the landing surface meets the friction values required by the industry.

Studies show that those airports that regularly test friction see a significant drop in rubber removal costs as well as improved safety.  Watch the video below to see how it works.

Roadgrip Airports work with international and small airports and airfields throughout the world. From runway grooving and airfield painting to rubber removal, civil works and AGL, our global teams and fleet of equipment can mobilise quickly wherever you’re based.

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