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The Roadgrip Airports team has returned to Asia to groove the runway at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to improve airfield safety. The project was part of the rehabilitation works for runway 1 and the A1-A11 taxiway.

Using the PC1500 grooving machine, we covered 183,000 square meters across runway 1 and the high-speed rapid-exit taxiways to a1-a11. The 6mm x 6mm grooves were at 38mm centres in accordance with FAA specifications.

As a major airport hub, the safety of the runway is paramount. By grooving lines into the asphalt, rainwater dissipates more easily and reduces the risk of aircraft hydroplaning on landing.

The team completed the works over two months during high humidity and temperatures of 40 degrees. As ever, the Roadgrip team showed exceptional flexibility and worked through extended shifts to complete the works with minimal disruption to air traffic.

It was great to be back in Asia – and for our team member Din to be back on his own patch after being stranded overseas for three months due to lockdown restrictions.

You can see more of our runway grooving work in Asia in Papua New Guinea. Alternatively, take a look at Roadgrip Airports to see our range of services for airports around the world.