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Car Park Resin Flooring


The Roadgrip Car Parks team have been busy coating the car park decks at the Marlowes Shopping Centre in Hemel Hempstead, UK.  With a mix of vibrant colours chosen by the client, we resurfaced the flooring of the car park with resin flooring to provide clear zoning and spaces for visitors.

The purple car park coating really stands out for the parent and child car park spaces, as does the blue and yellow markings for the disabled spaces.  We used sharp black, white and grey zonings for the pick-up areas, which made them stand out against the coloured zones.

As well as being highly durable, the accurate line marking and striking colours make it clear for visitors to the car park, and keep to health and safety marking guidelines.

Why use car park resin coatings?

Whether you choose to have epoxy, polyurethane or MMA resin flooring, each material comes with a host of benefits that help to create an incredible aesthetic whilst improving safety, noise and waterproofing.

Resin flooring is anti-slip and designed to reduce squeals from tyres and bikes.  Many are also stain and chemical resistant, which is particularly useful for protecting against automotive oil, antifreeze, fuel and battery acid from vehicles in your car park.  There are some that also come with graffiti and scratch resistance too, which helps with extending the beautiful finish that comes from using resin flooring.

The visual benefits of resin flooring

The greatest benefit is of course the flexibility you have with colour.  Colours of resin flooring in car parks can be used to brighten darker decks or designate different car parking bays such as EV charging bays, parent and child bays and disabled parking spaces.

It works perfectly for creating pedestrian walkways and can help with colour coding the decks in multi-storey car parks.

The choice of colours also allow for car park branding, which can elevate standard markings to ones that create a striking first impression of your business.  Take a look at this example at Tottenham FC for a subtle but memorable example of car park branding.

If you would like to know more about car park resin flooring, give our friendly team a call. They’ll be able to give you design ideas and a quick quote for your project.

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