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Car Park Marking and Branding


Whether you’re a Spurs fan or not, we can all agree that the Roadgrip car park marking team have scored big with this excellent bay marking and walkway painting at Tottenham Football Club’s car park.

Working with our client, Lucas, the team carried the colours of the team’s branding throughout the car park for a stunning effect in each of the parking zones and pedestrian walkways.  We even used Spurs branded traffic cones! The creative application shows how the markings and lines in a car park can reflect so much more than wayfinders and bays.

As always, safety is paramount and speed-grip paint was used for its friction properties.  We also lacquered the paint markings to provide extra durability and waterproofing, which helps with keeping the car park clean and clear of debris.


Why use branded car park markings?


Your car park is often the first impression visitors have of your premises.  It’s often the last one, too.  You have two great chances to showcase your brand in your car park but the opportunity is so often missed.

As you can see in the Tottenham FC car park below, they’ve utilised accents from their branding throughout the parking space, without it taking away from the clarity of wayfinding and parking – and without it being tacky.

Whilst the Roadgrip team love applying standard markings to roads, car parks and runways, we have a creative side that many of our clients take advantage of when planning a new car park, race track or leisure complex.  You’ll see many examples of our design expertise in our motorsports track marking projects, where we’ve designed branding and road markings for F1 circuits throughout the world.

With resin flooring, there are many possibilities to personalise car parks and make them more memorable.  If you would like ideas, please contact our friendly team for a quote and advice on the best materials to use in your car park.

Take a look at the gallery and contact us if you’re looking for a reputable car park marking contractor and would like a quick quote for your car park refurbishment.