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Whilst there are many standard signs and zoning lines used in UK car parks, you can still be creative with the shapes and colours of the floor markings.  Different designs and colours can give your shopping centre, business, hotel or retail outlet an identity that works with your brand and sets you apart.

As you can see in this recent car park marking job in London, the Roadgrip team created some unusual shapes that sat well alongside striking white lines on the car park flooring.

Are there car park marking restrictions?

Whilst there are recommendations for bay dimensions, these have been relaxed and left to the discretion of authorities.  However, disabled bay dimensions are specified.  You can read more here on that.

Traffic authorities now have the freedom to choose alternative methods for creating bays and spaces, which can include colour-contrasting surfacing or paving in a different pattern or appearance.  That said, there are some standard colours recognised by all drivers that should be adhered to such as using white road markings to regulate traffic and yellow lines to regulate parking (such as double yellow lines to signify no parking).

It’s always wise to check the Highway Code to see further guidelines on parking lines, or refer to this guide on traffic sign regulations from the Department of Transport.  Alternatively, the car park and road marking team at Roadgrip can give you advice on what is and isn’t allowed in your car park.


Creative car park markings

With some relaxed regulations comes the freedom to be creative in the design of bay markings and iconography, as long as it does not confuse drivers or pedestrians.  Some standardisation is required to quickly communicate a message or direction, so it’s best to stick to uniform symbols to show, for example, disabled spaces.  But, you can stand out with different colours, borders and shapes.

Read more about how resin floorings can add memorable effects to car parks, or contact us to find out more.

You can see more great examples in our Car Park Line Marking gallery.

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