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The Roadgrip Car Parks team has been making improvements to the multi-storey car park at London city airport with anti-slip resin flooring and line markings.

Resin flooring in car parks brings many benefits to the surface in terms of safety (for both drivers and pedestrians), aesthetics and preservation.

For this project, we applied 3100m2 of polyurethane anti-slip resin coating onto steel plate. In preparation for the resin flooring, our team needed to captive shot blast the steel plate top deck first. This created a suitable surface for application of the coloured anti-slip car park resin system, line markings and pedestrian walkway.

Durable and safe car park coating

The polyurethane has excellent durability and scratch-resistance, whilst protecting the car park’s structure underneath. It also helps to protect the flooring from automotive chemicals and dirt, which helps to keep maintenance costs down. It’s incredibly easy to clean, too. READ MORE ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF RESIN FLOORING

Well done to the Roadgrip team who completed a top-quality finish despite the autumn weather throwing the usual challenges at them on the top deck!

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