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It’s not just the UK’s concrete roads that are seeing the effects of heavy traffic and ageing. Roadgrip Highways have been in Spain helping to repair and restore a busy road with our longitudinal diamond grinding (LDG) technique.


LDG is a fairly new approach to resurfacing roads compared to more traditional techniques. Its popularity is gaining momentum throughout Europe, the UK and America thanks to the impressive results its achieving for friction, safety, acoustics and road preservation.


LDG works by cutting a macrotexture into the concrete whilst removing a thin layer from the surface to reveal fresh aggregate underneath. The improved texture of the road brings several benefits including better skid resistance, reduced traffic noise, improved ride quality for drivers and increased longevity.


The process is also more beneficial to the environment when compared to other concrete restoration approaches.


Our team completed a high-quality job in Spain against the ongoing challenges of Covid, and moving equipment and people throughout Europe.


Well done to all involved.


If you’re interested in learning more about longitudinal diamond grinding and the results of our trials with Highways England, contact us for a free LDG Guide.


Watch this video with Roadgrip’s Richard Powell where he explains more about LDG: AN INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD POWELL FOR HIGHWAYS MAGAZINE