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The global Roadgrip Airports team have been in Rwanda using our Trackjet machines for rubber removal and paint removal on the runway at Kigali airport.

This is our second visit to the international airport in the last few years. On this occasion, we were contracted to remove 10,000 square metres of rubber and 2,000 square metres of flaking, redundant paint from the runway. It was important removal was efficient but sensitive to the surface underneath so that the process wouldn’t damage the asphalt.

Our rubber removal vehicles use ultra-high-pressure (UHP) water jets designed to effectively remove all rubber and paint, leaving the surface of the runway undamaged and ready for repainting. The vacuum recovery system on the vehicles ensures no debris or waste are left behind from the arisings. The jets can also be adjusted to improve the friction coefficient on the runway too.

This project is part of our ongoing involvement with airports in the African region to improve safety and maintain airfields.

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