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Roadgrip Airports have completed airfield marking changes to the layout of London City Airport to allow for larger aircraft at this busy airport.

Roadgrip were commissioned to install the new apron designs and the brief wasn’t altogether straightforward. Our mission was to completely remove, enlarge and reinstall four aircraft stands plus associated service road markings.

We needed to consider the logistics of completing a project like this to ensure the works wouldn’t disrupt the busy daily flight operations, especially when that airport has a relatively small footprint in relation to the number of flights it handles.

Weeks of careful planning ahead of the operation culminated with a long weekends work for our team.

Starting at 2200 on a Friday night our team (comprising GPS-equipped setting-out engineer, Trackjet hydro blasting unit and team of highly experienced painters) commenced work, all choreographed by our Project Manager.

Carrying it out over the weekend allowed us a longer working window but each morning the stands had to be signed off complete and capable of accepting aircraft.

Using the ultra high pressure water jets on the Trackjet vehicle, we effectively removed all existing markings and cleaned the area of rubber and debris whilst preserving the surface underneath.

The works were completed over five nights without any disruption (we doubt neither the pilots or passengers noticed a thing). Well done to the team for a quality job.

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