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It was great to be back at the famous Concours Club in Miami to refresh our original works and repaint the circuit in its bright, Floridian colours.

Back in 2019, we worked closely with Concours on the run-off graphics design for this new, prestigious country club. Take a look at the initial project here: Concours Club, Miami

Back then, we brought the look and feel of the members-only circuit into the overall branding of the club. The stripes and blues of the run-off areas have become synonymous with this exclusive track.

This time, we were here to give the paint on the circuit a refresh with FIA homologated paint, which is perfect for motorsport events and helps to improve grip, safety and driving enjoyment.

It’s an honour to continue supporting this incredible venue, which is now rated as one of the world’s best private automotive resorts. Well done to the Roadgrip Motorsport team for another sterling job. Take a look at the colours of the circuit below.

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